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Toyota Supra Rocket Bunny

Participant of CGTrader Awards

So, I took back a project I left for almost one year. I wanted to go as far as I can, by creating something looking like a car configurator (well at the beggining my goal was just to use a real-time rendering instead of a pre-computed rendering, but why not ?)
Was a lot of fun to try things in Blueprints with Unreal Engine 4, which was the biggest challenge in this project.

So here is my try to recreate in 3D and real-time a concept from Khyzyl Saleem.

You can download the build (win64) to give it a try :!hV13EYbK!3HX0wy54yyKnVqCnSBL0QD6sXyzgsIrdGKAj_vm7dcI

Running at 120fps on a RX470 and a GTX 1070, I don't know how it will run on a less powerful card.

Kevin bassard final05
Kevin bassard final01 comp
Kevin bassard clayrenders 1080
Kevin bassard final texturesbreakdown
Kevin bassard final wire
Kevin bassard lightson front

In-engine screenshot with interactive UI and all front lights on.

Kevin bassard lightsback and hood
Kevin bassard supra colorvariation
Kevin bassard 2017 02 17 17 55 45

Camera controls

Kevin bassard khyzylsaleem toyotasupra

Khyzyl Saleem's original picture