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Wasteland Hunters

Wasteland Hunters is a bossfight game where you have to defeat giant creatures with your hovercraft !

Here are some of the works I did for our last year school project, I have various responsibilities :
- Technical Art
- Textures with Substance Designer

This project made me learn a lot of things on Unreal Engine 4, Substance and Particles.



Wasteland Hunters - VFX

Kevin bassard final distancebasedtiling

Simple Material Function added to our landscape shader. Allowing us to have 4 differents tilings based on the distance.

Kevin bassard final landscapeshader

Landscape shader, with differents layers. Blended with vector masks and alpha masks.

Kevin bassard final designerrocks

One of the Substance Designer textures I had to create for the game. Based on a texture made for a specific asset, I had to make it tileable for the whole environment.

Kevin bassard rocks breakdown

Rocks Texture.